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11-14 Years

By this age many children and young people will have tasted alcohol which may lead to experimenting with friends.  It is crucial that you have a discussion about alcohol with your child as early as possible.  It is recommended that an alcohol free childhood is the best option for young people.

Visit the Drinkaware and Alcohol Educational Trust websites for help about talking to your child about alcohol

Video Clips

Check out Sophie’s story on The Choices for Life website where she decides to drink alcohol at a party and things take a turn for the worst.

Visit the Alcohol Education Trust for advice on house parties.

Also check out "Is It Worth it?" on YouTube

Try the Quiz

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How would you respond?

  1. Send Michael home and ground Ryan
  2. Put a lock on his garage fridge door
  3. Explain to both boys that it is not safe for them to be drinking because they are too young