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Parents are the very first and most important role models children have, we are often unaware of the impact our behaviour has on our children, yet they learn from us what being ‘grown up’ means and how adults behave. When it comes to alcohol most of us who drink think we drink "normally" - but are we drinking within the low risk guidance? Many of us are unaware of just how much we drink. If our children see adults drinking it is important that their role models drink sensibly.

Alcohol and Parenting Don’t Mix.

Situations to Avoid

Drunken Argument at the BBQ

House Party & Baby Falling

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How would you respond?

  1. Leave the night out, and head for home, collecting the inhaler on the way back to the house.
  2. Organise for a taxi to collect the inhaler and take it to the home and continue enjoying the night out.
  3. Phone a friend and ask them to collect the inhaler and take it to Janice.